Sometimes I write things even longer than a huge article.

Surviving Other People's APIs

"Just pull that from the API" they said. "It'll be easy!" they said.

API Developers focus so much on designing and building their APIs, yet often we seem to forget the folks on the other end of the line. You, the frontend and backend "client developers" trying to integrate the data and functionality into your own work, often get left with junky docs, or no docs. This book is your guide to navigating a plethora of potential pitfalls and booby traps, and learning how to integrate fancy API features like HATEOAS, GraphQL, HTTP/2, etc.

PHP: The "Right" Way

Your guide to PHP best practices, coding standards, and authoritative tutorials.

As soon as I saw what Josh Lockhart and Kris Jordan were doing with PHP The Right Way I jumped on board and threw a lot of content in. Since then I have been a collaborator on the project, and along with many other contributors we put together a huge resource of modern information. This free ebook respects the contributions of that website licence, but makes the content available in eBook form, PDF, Kindle, etc.

Catapult into PyroCMS

PyroCMS v2 was a popular PHP/CodeIgniter CMS, which has been rewritten. Free historical book!

How do I build websites with PyroCMS? How can I build themes and custom add-ons to push Pyro further? Go from noob to PyroCMS pro over your morning coffee; the first eBook, by the chap that built the CMS.