I’ve been programming since I was about 12, writing awful messes in spaghetti PHP. 19 years later and I have learned how to a) program in a bunch of other languages, and, b) make PHP be a better place. Years have been shaved off my lifespan, fighting to help make better education resources, quality standards, and push new functionality into the core.

Tech startups brought me from Bristol to Newcastle, then to NYC for a few years. The biggest role there was working at WeWork as an internal API consultant, identifying and resolving issues with distributed systems, teaching teams about standards and technologies to help solve their architectural and design issues, building out tools to help (a lot of them around OpenAPI). This role let me get a whoooooole bunch of experience in “when big systems go bad.”

Now I work for Stoplight.io, using that experience to help build API design tooling which can help folks design better systems before they start writing code, enforce awesome styles, catch contract changes, and all sorts of other stuff.

This blog has been a little quiet for the last year or so while I worked my ass off at WeWork, but some articles went up on APIs You Won’t Hate, and that content is slowly turning into the basis for two more books.

I love to teach, and if I’m not speaking at a conference near you, then maybe we can do some remote consulting.