No Booze for a Month

In 5 weeks I’ll be riding my bike a really long way to raise money for charity. Sadly, as I ride bikes all the time, not so many people are interested in forking out. Luckily, I have a plan!

In addition to offering tech/PHP related rewards for cool free stuff, I thought I would go one step further to shock people into grabbing their wallets.


Yeah you heard me. Usually there is nothing but cider pumping through my veins. Terrible, sickly sweet, American cider these days, but booze all the same.

In the name of raising a boatload of cash for charity, I am going to go sober for one whole month.

I am 5 days in. This runs August 15th, to September 15th.

Last week was a trial run of 7 days, which I did succeed but tbh it has only made this month harder.

Anyone who knows me knows how hard this is going to be, especially as I have two conferences to attend and a 26 hour flight to New Zealand to get through next week.

But, jokes aside, my reliance on booze and the inconvenience of going without it is nothing compared to what those living with HIV/Aids have to go through, and I’m doing this to raise money for them.

Please put your hand in your pocket and donate some cash for an amazing cause.