CodeCanyon's ExpressionEngine 2 section launches

CodeCanyon have launched their new ExpressionEngine 2 section along with a few of plugins from me. One of these is the long awaited, much anticipated Widgets module!

CodeCanyon have just released their new ExpressionEngine 2 section with some of my plugins as seed content. I have put Widgets, Mapper, Text and HTML plugins on there to start things off but hopefully other developers will start releasing more content on there.

The Text plugin is just a simple text/string manipulation plugin for censor, word-wrap, etc and the HTML plugin lets you strip, encode and decode chunks of text or tags. The real meat of this new launch is the long awaited, much anticipated Widgets module! It’s a great module that could change the way your clients interact with large sections of the design. Here’s a video about the Widgets plugin to show you how it works.

For other developers interested in releasing on CodeCanyon, remember that they have recently bumped their base rate from 40% to 50%, which can be worked up to 70% based on sales. Sure it’s no Devot:ee 80% but if you sell other content and designs you can get your percentage up fairly quickly while keeping everything in one place. CodeCanyon also get a huge amount of traffic which can help drive your sales.

One thing I really want to avoid is a Devot:ee vrs CodeCanyon argument, as I still love those guys. Also to avoid pissing anyone off I’ll be keeping my Rest module on Devot:ee so nobody has to pay twice. If you do release anything on CodeCanyon you should of course link it on Devot:ee too as they currently have EVERY ExpressionEngine Add-on listed and that is no mean feat!

Let’s not fight over this one, competition is good for everyone.