Last month today OpenAPI v3.0 was released, and not only is there a lot of cool stuff, but it unblocks some akward situations with vendor prefixes and other lacking features. I was hoping the tooling would be hot on its tails. Progress is being made in all of the repositories I've got my eyes on, but sadly v3.0 support is not there yet.

After writing about how GraphQL and REST differ in various regards, and taking a closer look at caching in particular, I wanted to write about how you can get some of the benefits of GraphQL into an existing endpoint-based API.

Recently I wrote GraphQL vs REST: Overview, giving a hype-free outline of the differences between REST and GraphQL. One section that would not have fit into that already lengthy article was caching, so I thought I'd fire that out next.

A few months back I wrote a comparison between RPC and REST for Smashing Magazine, and now I want to talk about the differences between REST and GraphQL: the new kid on the block.